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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Should I Choose Best Solar (Pvt) Ltd2022-01-07T17:00:22+00:00

We know that when it comes to solar power systems, you have options. However, we firmly believe that “Best Solar” has the most to offer both home and business owners. Here are a few reasons that Best Solar (Pvt) Ltd is the best option for installing solar power systems in either the home or workplace.

Enjoy These and Other Advantages When You Partner With Us: We’re the Top Rated Local Solar Company in Pakistan, Our Commitment to Excellence, Our Dedication to 100% Customer Satisfaction, Our Impeccable Reputation, Our Complete Solar Solutions, Our Customized Solar Energy Services, Highest Quality Solar Equipment, Fair & Transparent Dealings, We Love What We Do!

Why Go Solar?2022-01-07T17:00:30+00:00

According to the International Energy Agency, Solar Power is the “Cheapest Electricity In History”.

کیا آپ بجلی کے مہنگے بلز موصول کر کر کے تنگ آچکے ہیں؟ پریشان ہونے کی بالکل ضرورت نہیں۔ آج ہی اپنا لیجیئے بیسٹ سولر کے بیسٹ سولر پاور پیکجز اور بجلی کے مہنگے بلز سے چھٹکارا پائیں ہمیشہ کے لیے۔

اگر آپ بھی اپنے گھر, دفتر, فیکٹری, انڈسٹری, دکان, اسکول, کالج, یونیورسٹی, اکیڈمی میں سولر پاور سسٹم لگوانا چاہتے ہیں تو ہم سے ابھی رابطہ کریں۔

Who Is The Owner of Best Solar?2022-01-07T17:00:11+00:00

Mohammad Rohayl Varind is the founder & CEO of Best Solar (Pvt) Ltd. Rohayl & his work has been appreciated by numerous International Media & Organisations, Pakistani news channels & newspapers including BBC News, BBC World, BBC Future, BBC News Urdu, BBC News Hindi, BBC News Punjabi, Gulf News, World Economic Forum, TRT World, National Geographic, NHK World, Quartz, VOA Urdu, ARY News, GEO News, Samaa Tv, Dunya News, 92 News, Neo TV, Express News, The News, 24 News, BOL News, Daily Pakistan, Jang Newspaper, Brilio, etc.

Rohayl has been featured several times by 3 Government-owned news channels. 1) PTV News (Government of Pakistan), 2) NHK (Government of Japan), 3) DW (Government of Germany). His work has been featured & translated in Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Thai, Albanian, Hindi, Urdu, English, German, Portuguese & Indonesian language as well.

To Know More About Rohayl – Kindly Visit www.Rohayl.com

What Products Do We Offer In Our Packages?2022-01-07T16:59:39+00:00

Only the best, highest performing equipment is used in our solar systems. We believe in only completing the installation once. By using quality products you get peace of mind knowing that your Solar power system will have longevity and reliability for many years & decades to come.

How We Work?2022-01-07T16:59:58+00:00

We Make Solar Simple for Homes and Businesses

At Best Solar, we specialize in custom solar power system design, manufacturing, and installation for residential and commercial properties. As one of the leading solar companies in Pakistan, we genuinely enjoy helping homeowners and business owners completely optimize their energy usage to maximize their energy efficiency and enjoy a lifetime of savings. We work with you to find the best solar energy solutions that meet your needs so you can get the most out of your investment.

How To Get Best Solar?2022-01-07T17:00:38+00:00

You can call 24/7 on our UAN numbers

📞 031111-SOLAR (76527)

📞 030000-SOLAR (76527)

📞 031111-76527 (Zong)

📞 030000-76527 (Jazz/Warid)

How to contact CEO Best Solar?2022-01-08T13:01:59+00:00

You can directly contact Mohammad Rohayl Varind who is the CEO of Best Solar (Private) Limited by emailing him at his official email address ceo@bestsolar.pk